Optimized oxidoreductases for medium and large scale industrial biotransformations
Project Secretariat
Dr Marta Pérez-Boada
E-mail: MPBoada@cib.csic.es
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)
Biological Research Centre (CIB)
Calle Ramiro de Maeztu 9, E-28040 Madrid, Spain
Phone: 34 918373112
Fax: 34 915360432
Mobile: 34 650080476
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about us
The project has a strong European dimension with a consortium formed by sixteen partners belonging to seven EU countries (Spain, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Austria and France) plus one partner from an EU candidate country (Turkey). Each of the above partners has been selected and invited to join the consortium based on its excellence in the different areas needed to build up the indox project.
The required complementariness has been ensured by combining enzymologists, molecular biologists, genomic specialists, chemists, biophysicists, enzyme and process engineers, among the research/academic partners, together with specialized SMEs in the areas of fungal enzymes, computation, biotechnological processes, enzyme immobilization, industrial dyes, and chiral chemicals as API precursors. Two large companies producing enzymes (biotechnology sector) and willing to introduce them in medium-large-scale industrial processes of the chemical sector complete the INDOX consortium.

This multidisciplinary consortium works together in INDOX to provide a wide repertoire of selected oxidoreductases with optimized catalytic and operational properties for different industrial reaction types, as well as to show the techno-economic advantages of the enzymatic biotransformations by presenting relevant case stories to the chemical sector.

A few examples of the tasks to be carried out by the different partners are:
enzyme discovery and characterization
molecular biology and enzyme engineering
enzyme production
reaction design and engineering
enzyme evaluation
pilot-scale biotransformations
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Project Coordinator
Prof. Angel T. Martínez
Biological Research Centre (CIB, CSIC)
Calle Ramiro de Maeztu 9, E-28040 Madrid, Spain.
E-mail: ATMartinez@cib.csic.es
Phone: 34 918373112
Fax: 34 915360432

Angel T. Martínez is Research Professor of CSIC at the group of Biotechnology for Lignocellulosic Biomass of CIB. He is member of ACS, ASM and TAPPI, with around 250 publications mainly related to oxidoreductases and microbial biotechnology.

His experience is supported by participation in more than 55 national and international research projects, in most of them as head researcher. Regarding EC Framework Programmes, he has coordinated projects of Industrial Biotechnology from FP3 to FP7, such as PEROXICATS (KBBE-2010-4-265397), BIORENEW (NMP2-CT-2006-026456), PELAS (QLK3-1999-00590), PITCH (QLK5-1999-01357) and AIR2 (CT93-1219).
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